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Everyday we strive to provide our patients with professional service, quality care, while maintaining a family environment. We genuinely care about the health of each of our patients and respect their health and wellness goal. Don't take our word for it, hear it from our patients!

Chronic Low Back Pain 

Chronic Low Back Pain

I had suffered from debilitating chronic pain in my lower back for 2 years. I had been to numerous doctors, had injections, tried physical therapy, and even worked with a personal trainer. Yet I could find no lasting relief. I prayed for hope. Then a friend recommended Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I admit I was skeptical, but I decided to try it.

At Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond, I was treated with respect by the caring, friendly, and professional staff, Dr. Carlsen gave me a thorough exam and consultation, was patient with my many questions, and remained optimistic. Not only did I receive the chiropractic adjustments and treatments that proved to gradually ease my pain, but Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond’s all-inclusive approach gave me the knowledge I needed in order to see lasting results. I learned which movements and activities actually contributed to my back pain, the role stress played, valuable diet and nutrition information, and an exercise routine to fit my individual needs.        

Now, 7 months later, I am so happy to report a significant reduction in my back pain, and some days, no pain at all! I am continuing to improve weekly. I am so thankful for Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond. I sure am glad I didn’t listen to the skeptic in me!


Low Back Pain/Migraines          

I came to FCCR after experiencing acute lower back pain and weekly migraines that required taking an oral prescription drug for relief. Now, after several months of regular chiropractic visits I have no more low back pain and both less frequent and less intense headaches, which now can be relieved by taking over the counter medicine.




I have suffered from arthritis in my spine since I was 21 years old. I am now 55. For years I was willing to endure the nagging pain, until it began to wake me up at night when I moved in my sleep. My wife, who was being treated by Dr. Carlsen, suggested I try chiropractic care. Dr. Carlsen didn’t mince words, telling me that no one could cure arthritis, but that he could slow down the progression and relieve the pain. It took a number of weeks for Dr. Carlsen to “undo” 30 years of having a misaligned spine, but he has done what he promised. I no longer wake up at night in pain and while I still get stiff if I sit too long without moving, my daily level of pain is consistently lower. I feel that I am a living testimonial for the effectiveness of chiropractic care.



Wow! What pain in my left thigh and calf! Sciatica was the diagnosis after trips to my GP and two orthopedists. I had x-rays, an MRI, a shot of epidural in my spine and sixteen physical therapy sessions. This all began in September, 2008. I was having great difficulty moving around easily and normally. I climbed stairs a step at a time, like a two-year-old. Yard work, some housework, and my daily walking were out of the question. The physical therapy did help some, however, I wanted to be back to where I was before the pain started.

My son had been a patient at Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond, and encouraged me to visit with Dr. Eric Carlsen and discuss my situation. In late March, 2009, I met with Dr. Carlsen and his co-worker, Dr. Sam Brinkley. How thankful I am for them and what they have accomplished for me. I have my life back! What a blessing they have been for me! I started with three sessions a week, and faithfully followed their suggested daily regimen of exercise and the application of a cold pack to my lower back. I am thrilled that I no longer have ANY pain. However, I do continue to go once a month for a check-up. I look forward to the visits at their office, and the interaction with the caring and excellent staff.



I started receiving chiropractic care for migraines in November 2007. I have had these headaches since I was a teenager, and as I approached adulthood they came on more frequently and much more intense. I had seen many doctors, but no one knew what was causing them. They would prescribe pain medication or muscle relaxers to help ease the pain. Of course they have side affects which were not always pleasant. I started out having one headache every couple of months as a teenager, then it increased to once a month, then twice a month and so on.  I have actually gone to the emergency room on a couple of occasions when the prescriptions didn't help.

In early 2007 I was having about 2 to 3 migraines a week. The headaches really started controlling my life. I had taken a lot of sick days off from work and had to leave work early on numerous occasions. Finally a relative suggested I go see her chiropractor, at this point I was willing to try anything. Although, I must admit, my first thought to her suggestion was that my head was hurting not my back. In November 2007, I met with Dr. Carlsen for the first time and he felt that he could help me. At first I was going 3 times a week for adjustments, then twice a week and now I just go when I feel like I need it.   I am coming up on a year now that I have been seeing Dr. Carlsen and I am happy to report that I have had only 2 migraines since my very first visit him. I am no longer being controlled by headaches.  Dr. Carlsen and Chiropractic care have changed my life!!      


Headaches/Sinuses/Back Pain

I had many headaches, sinus problems and upper back pain all due to normal day to day stuff. I had went to my family physician and he was willing to give me sinus drugs and mild muscle relaxers but I have three girls 9, 14, 10, and a 1 year old. I don’t want and can’t have a foggy head. So I had gone to a chiropractor when I lived in West Virginia, but stopped when I thought the problem was fixed. Some doctors are just in it to treat the symptoms, not the long-term life style changes that Dr. Carlsen counsels you on while you’re in his office.

Since I have been coming to Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond my headaches are less, sinuses are less severe and my back muscles do not bring me to tears. Of course there are those weeks/months that I miss an adjustment and boy do I regret it when I do! Usually they (FCCR) gets a call “can you get me in today?” I do and have recommended chiropractic care to others and will continue because I believe it is a great alternative to drugs that disguise the real issue.

I love coming to Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond because of the people and the reason why Dr. Carlsen is who he is. His heart and soul are behind chiropractic treatment and it shows when he prepares to adjust someone- He cares!


Ear Infections in Children

Chiropractic has truly been a blessing to my family. I brought my kids in to see Dr. Carlsen due to chronic ear infections. Their pediatrician recommended tubes which made me uncomfortable. After a series of treatments, the kids responded extremely well. One and a half years have passed since their first adjustment and they have only had one ear infection. In addition, they haven’t developed any respiratory conditions which normally occurred every winter!! Thank you Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond for getting my family’s health on track.


Low Back/Hip Pain

When I first came to Family Chiropractic Center, I had extreme lower back and hip pain. I had been to my General Practitioner who recommended this office. I could not sit, stand or lay down without pain. I have been able to function without constant pain. It took time and no instant relief but it’s been worth it. I have recommended friends who also received much needed assistance.

Whenever I have a flare up in-between my weekly visits I know I can come in and be re-adjusted for relief. I’ve learned by my visits and this has helped me to avoid things that will irritate my back etc. It has led me to realize my stress areas and how to relieve the trigger points. It maybe a weekly visit for me but one that is well worth it to be able to have a normal life. Thanks to Family Chiropractic Center for their care for the patients and their families. It truly is a family.


Neck/Back Pain

I personally never believed in chiropractic before but my mother loved going. She lives in Alabama and has been going for a number of years and she’s 78 years old. My story began when I was hit from behind in a car accident. I was in so much pain across the shoulders and back and down the side of my neck and back. The day after my accident I couldn’t even get out of bed; my husband had to help me up. A very good friend advised me to see a chiropractor. I can boldly confess this treatment has made a difference and has gotten me back on track. I never knew how the treatment could help so much and what ice, pressure point therapy, and exercises the doctors gave me to at home could do. I will forever be convinced that this method of treatment works and it works for me. To God be the glory. I love my doctors and the staff. I will continue to spread the news about this method of treatment for pain instead of using medication.



Since I have a curvature in my back and hadn’t been on proper maintenance, I met Dr. Carlsen and Dr. Brinkley at Field Day of the Past. I knew chiropractic care was beneficial and I know technology has changed, however. I can honestly say I have never stood up straighter or felt more confident or in good hands than I have with them both! The staff is sweet and they treat you like family.


Healthy & Pain Free

Chiropractic care has made a big difference in my health. Regular visits have helped me maintain a pain free life, and when something does come up, problems are corrected without having to take medications.